(Statutory Body Constituted under the Act of Parliament No.35 of 2002)

Under Ministry of Minority Affairs

Guidelines for Haj 1441 (H) - 2020 (C.E.)

Haj Committee of India (hereinafter referred to as Hcol) is a Statutory Body Constituted under the Haj Committee Act, (No.35 of 2002). HCoI issues this Guidelines for the intending pilgrims of Haj-2020. The intending pilgrims should read the Guidelines carefully before making online Haj Application(hereinafter referred to as HAF).


The work related to management of Haj pilgrimage has been transferred from Ministry of External Affairs to Ministry of Minority Affairs w.e.f. 1st October, 2016.


As per the Present norms, HCoI is empowered to make arrangements for the pilgrims in India only. Various other agencies are assigned different roles in making arrangements for Haj. Consulate General of India in Jeddah (hereinafter referred to as CGI) has the responsibility to look after the pilgrims and to redress their grievances on reaching Jeddah / Madinah Munawwarah airport and while they are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as KSA). Ministry of Civil Aviation is the nodal agency responsible for air transportation of pilgrims and their belongings to and from the KSA. HCoI is committed to monitor the facilities made available to the pilgrims, hence, any shortcomings may be brought to its attention for redressal.


HCoI has administrative relations with the State / Union Territory Haj Committees (hereinafter referred to as SHCs) In the conduct of Haj affairs only and NOT with any private individual, agency or association. Pilgrims should not fall prey to any such individual, agency or association claiming to work for or on behalf of HCoI.


The details of amounts to be paid by pilgrims through bank, are notified by the HCoI on its website, through Circulars to SHCs and by SMSs. No amount is to be paid to any private individual, agency or association. Pilgrims should not believe the claims of such elements and report such instances to the Chief Executive Officer, Haj Committee of India, Bait-ul-Hujjaj (Haj House), 7 - A, M. R. A. Marg, (Palton Road), Mumbai - 400001 directly on Fax No. (022) 22630461.


The Shia pilgrims who opt for JOHFA as Meeqat should mark the same in the HAF, for which they will be required to pay an additional amount which will be intimated separately.



As per the prevailing norms, an individual can perform Haj through HCoI only "once in a life time". Haj Repeater is, however, eligible as a Mehram of a Female Pilgrim or Companion of age 70+ Pilgrim, if no other Mehram / Companion (who has not performed Haj through HCoI) is available and if he/she pays actual airfare as decided by Ministry of Civil Aviation and Repeater Visa Fees (SR.300) applied in Saudi Arabia. Haj Repeater is a person who has already visited KSA for the purpose of performing Haj. In case, the Lady Pilgrim or age 70+ Pilgrim cancel their pilgrimage, then the Haj seat of such Repeater shall also stand cancelled automatically. Haj Repeater will have to submit a Declaration in the prescribed format attached to the Guidelines.



The Guidelines for Haj 1441 (H) – 2020 (C.E.) can be downloaded from the website of HCoI HAF can be filled and submitted online at or through Android Mobile App HAJ COMMITTEE OF INDIA available on Google Playstore. [Download]. After filling HAF, copy thereof may be downloaded and kept for submission with respective SHCs alongwith relevant documents like Passport and Remittance Receipt.


Haj is obligated on Muslims having physical and financial ability to perform Haj. Haj pilgrimage is physically taxing as it involves arduous journey from one place to another on feet and by various other modes of transport. Haj is performed in a foreign land i.e. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As per General Saudi Guidelines on eligibility to perform Haj or Umrah, a Haj Pilgrim should be fit in various aspects; financial, physical, behavioural and mental. As such, any Muslim Citizen of India can apply for Haj pilgrimage except;


any person not in possession of machine readable valid Indian International Passport issued on or before 10th November, 2019 and valid at least upto 20th January, 2021.


ii) Ban on Repeaters : A person who has performed Haj earlier in his/her life through HCoI except permitted categories of Mehram and those accompanying a 70+ pilgrims on the basis of appropriate Solemn Declaration.


Any person found to have furnished false information shall not be allowed to proceed for Haj. In such cases, he/she will be disqualified at any stage and off-loaded even at the Embarkation Point. The entire amount deposited by him/her shall also be forfeited. Besides, he/she may be prosecuted for furnishing incorrect/false Declaration. These restrictions will also apply for concealing the fact of having performed Haj earlier as well as for Pilgrims intending to perform Hajj-e-Badal.


Those with severe medical conditions such as Terminal Cancers, Advanced Cardiac, Respiratory, Liver, or Kidney diseases, infectious Tuberculosis disease, or Senility.


Physical disability of a person will not be construed as adverse physical health of a person.


The persons with benchmark disabilities who cannot travel alone as certified by the Medical Authorities, applying for Haj, must be accompanied by an able-bodied person during all stages of Haj journey. He/She should be the blood relative of such person with special needs.


Detailed health requirements for Haj Pilgrims, as specified by the Saudi Ministry of Health are available on the website of Saudi Health Ministry and HCoI.


Ladies not accompanied by Sharai Mehram; except Ladies above 45 years of age, who wish to go for Haj but do not have a Male Mehram and their school of thought (Maslak) permits, are allowed to travel in a group of four (4) or more ladies. The group of such ladies should remain four (4) or more at all stages of Haj journey. If any selected lady of the Cover expire after allotment of flight date, remaining ladies of the Cover will be allowed to proceed for Haj as exceptional case. CEO, HCoI is the Competent Authority to review and decide such cases. The decision taken in this regard shall be final and binding on all pilgrims.


Ladies in the advanced stage of pregnancy, especially those who would be in such stage at the time of outbound flight to the KSA will have to follow the international flying norms. In such cases, they may be required to obtain Travel Fitness Certificate from the Medical Officer of the concerned Airlines.


A person against whom any Court has issued an Order prohibiting him/her to travel abroad exists.